Vortex Companies Acquires Applied Felts Inc. To Deliver Comprehensive Trenchless Rehabilitation Solutions

January 11, 2024

This strategic alliance allows Vortex to offer a direct, total solution to the market all under one roof.

Applied Felts Liner

(Houston, TX – January 11, 2024) Since 2015, Vortex Companies has been a trailblazer in transforming the trenchless rehabilitation industry through a commitment to making access to cutting-edge technologies easier and more streamlined. Today, this commitment takes a giant leap forward with the landmark acquisition of Applied Felts® Inc., positioning Vortex Companies to deliver a direct, UNITED offering to the market. Applied Felts Inc. including MaxLiner® and FerraTex Solutions™ represents all manufacturing and distribution throughout the Americas. Applied Felts Ltd. based in the U.K will remain with W.E Rawson Limited including manufacturing and distribution supporting customers outside of the Americas. 

THINKING BIG: Transformative Influence Since 2015
Vortex Companies, in pursuit of its mission, has executed 17 strategic acquisitions and many partnerships, all aimed at revolutionizing the way contractors and asset owners approach infrastructure repair. The industry landscape has been reshaped by Vortex’s forward-thinking approach, encouraging stakeholders to THINK BIG. The Vortex team has dedicated their careers to this industry and is acutely aware of the incredible impact the industry makes on society and the opportunities yet to be implemented to serve the world even better.

A NEW ERA BEGINS: Vortex & Applied Felts Inc.
The acquisition of Applied Felts Inc., home to industry-leading brands MaxLiner and FerraTex Solutions, marks a monumental move for Vortex Companies. This strategic alliance allows Vortex to offer a direct, total solution to the market all under one roof. 

Mike Vellano, CEO of Vortex Companies, expressed his gratitude and excitement about the acquisition: “This marks a transformative moment for Vortex Companies and the industry at large. The acquisition of Applied Felts Inc, its people and the great business they’ve built, positions us to provide a total offering, revolutionizing the way infrastructure projects are approached and completed. We are excited about the total impact this will have on our combined customer base and the industry.”

Alex Johnson, President of Applied Felts, also shared his perspective on the acquisition: “Joining forces with Vortex Companies represents an exciting chapter for Applied Felts Inc. The Vortex approach to the market will allow them to deliver integrated solutions, ensuring quality and innovation in every aspect of trenchless rehabilitation throughout the Americas. Applied Felts Ltd, based in the U.K., will continue to support all business in an advisory relationship. This is a significant step forward for the future of the industry we serve. There was no better choice than Vortex to carry the business forward and I look forward to continuing our long friendship and watching all the people of Applied Felts Inc. and Vortex flourish together.”

Benefits of the Direct Total Offering to the Industry:

  • Quality Control: By shortening the supply chain, Vortex enhances quality control ensuring top-tier standards throughout every project phase.
  • Shorter Lead Times & Reduced Shipping Costs: Facilities strategically located to reduce lead times and shipping distances, providing more efficient service to our valued customers. 
  • Broader Service Support: Vortex Companies and Applied Felts, together, now boast a greater regional reach, enabling faster and more comprehensive support for our customers. 
  • R&D Streamlined: With Research and Development consolidated under one roof, Vortex’s team of engineers, designers and chemists can seamlessly advance technologies and products in harmony with a “total project” mindset, simplifying the approach to comprehensive projects. 

Local Support, Integrated Solutions:
Through this acquisition, Vortex Companies aims to broaden its local support throughout The Americas, bringing technology solutions closer to customers. This not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces the timeframe to deliver, aligning with Vortex’s commitment to efficiency and excellence. 


About Vortex
The Vortex Companies is a leading provider of advanced trenchless water and sewer technologies. Through its products and services divisions, Vortex delivers a comprehensive suite of rehabilitation products, equipment, services, and field support to the municipal, industrial, and commercial marketplaces. This includes pipe and manhole lining systems; sewer robotics; mortars; epoxies and resin materials; liners and wet out services, installation equipment; contracting services, training, and field support.

Operating globally, Vortex is focused on providing customers a broad range of industry leading, cost-effective trenchless solutions and technical expertise, best suited for their project needs. For more information, go to vortexcompanies.com. For more information visit https://vortexcompanies.com/applied-felts




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