Ram Vela Assumes New Role as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at Vortex Companies

February 09, 2023

February 6, 2023

(HOUSTON, TX – February 6, 2023) -- The Vortex Companies, a leading provider of advanced trenchless water and sewer technologies and infrastructure renewal services, announced today Ram Vela’s appointment as SVP, Corporate Development.


“We have been in an aggressive growth mode since we opened our doors, and it’s critical we don’t lose sight of our long-term vision yet stay focused on our customers at the same time,” said Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. “Ram has an uncanny knack of relating to these types of businesses that will fit into our portfolio, blend with our culture and deliver value to our customers.”


Vela spent the first half of his Vortex career working in M&A and was CIO, responsible for the Company’s extensive IT upgrade and business analytics processes. With those objectives achieved, Vela will now focus on mapping Vortex’s organic and inorganic strategic growth initiatives.


“The broad range of responsibilities I've historically been presented with has given me a unique perspective on what makes sense from an acquisition standpoint,” said Vela. “Working closely with each business unit and different departments, like HR, IT, sales and operations, will ultimately improve our approach to identifying, evaluating and integrating potential new businesses.”


Beyond acquisition strategy, Vela will continue to leverage business intelligence to drive growth within the Company.


“I look forward to collaborating with the variety of internal stakeholders as a means of identifying and defining strategic growth opportunities across our entire product and service suite,” Vela added.


“We have a pretty unique business model that is driving change in our industry,” Vellano commented. “Ram has played a big role in this process, and I am excited to have him leading this initiative again.”


About the Vortex Companies

Operating globally, Vortex is focused on providing a broad range of industry leading, cost-effective trenchless infrastructure renewal solutions supported by experienced, trained personnel. Vortex delivers a comprehensive suite of rehabilitation products, equipment, services and field support to the municipal, industrial and commercial marketplaces. This includes pipe and manhole lining systems; sewer robotics; geopolymer; mortar; epoxy and resin materials; installation equipment and services; and training and field support which allows customers to select the best fit for their system.

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